Flexbot Confidential for Eclipse Phase + Featured Creator Returns!

Who would have guessed that modular bodies would be so popular amongst transhumanists, open source nerds, and those who have a folder labelled 'Fun & Games' that includes Excel and RStudio?

Flexbot Confidential brings you more modular material for everyone's favorite modular morphs, including details on cyberbrains, cortical stacks, and multiple egos. From there it moves onto shapeshifting, gear assembly, flexbot tricks, and further upgrades!

Flexbot Confidential is an 11-page digital sourcebook for Eclipse Phase Second Edition available now!

Also on Posthuman.Shop is the return of the Featured Creator section. We’re re-launching it this year, bringing back Something is Wrong Here from Kira Magrann — and we happened to snag the last copies of the current print run!

Know of a game that fits with our style that you’d like to see featured on our store? Drop us a line at info@posthumanstudios.com and we’ll see what we can cook up!

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