EP2 Condensed Player's Guide Update

In short, the Eclipse Phase Condensed Player's Guide is still at the printers. We hit the holiday busy season, and our printer has been having supply chain issues like so many other companies.

Most recently we've been told that the Condensed Player's Guide will ship to us in early February, and as soon as it hits the doorstep I'll be doing my best to turn and ship out all the pre-orders.

All Condensed Player's Guide pre-orders will be getting a bonus with their order—thanks for your patience and support.

Before the Condensed Player's Guide went to press, we finalized the version 1.3 errata for Eclipse Phase Second Edition. The updated PDFs of both the Condensed Player's Guide and Eclipse Phase Second Edition itself will be available soon — and of course, they're free if you've already purchased them, whether you did so on Posthuman.Shop or DriveThruRPG. You'll get an email/website notification when the new files are uploaded!


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