Black Friday & Condensed Player's Guide Wire-O options

Black Friday Sale on Posthuman.Shop & DriveThruRPG

This year we'll be doing a print, digital, and merchandise sale starting on Black Friday (Nov 25) and running through Cyber Monday (Nov 30th) with savings up to 50% on books and even more on digital items!

We hate the feeling of buying something and then seeing it go on sale a few days or weeks later, so: any print titles and merchandise you buy from Posthuman.Shop (or have already bought) in November, we will refund you the difference between what you paid and the Black Friday Sale Price! Those refunds will go out during the Black Friday weekend, after we've unveiled the sale prices.

Condensed Player's Guide Wire-O Option

We love experiments, so we've added a lay-flat Wire-O bound option for the Condensed Player's Guide for the same price as the perfectbound softcover. As an experiment, the wire-o version will only be available directly from us!

If you already pre-ordered Condensed Player's Guide we emailed you to see if you wanted to move over to the Wire-O option. If you didn't get that email or have questions, get in touch with us at

To set expectations — Condensed Player's Guide won't be discounted during the Black Friday weekend. The "Buy 3" discount is still in effect and you can mix-and-match between perfectbound and Wire-o!
We're wrapping up the errata pass on Condensed Player's Guide and it will be going to press within a week. Thanks for your support on this project!

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