Something is Wrong Here — Kira Magrann
Something is Wrong Here — Kira Magrann
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Something is Wrong Here — Kira Magrann

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A spooky, compelling game by long-time friend of Posthuman Studios, Kira Magrann. An uncanny emotional love letter to David Lynch's work, this is one of the tightest designed RPGs we've played in a long time.

From Kira:

"In this game you'll play troubled humans who struggle with their dark pasts and inner demons in order to make meaningful, potentially healing connections with each other. At some small town diner with a neon sign, in a broken down car on the highway, in someone's wallpapered living room, at the old roadhouse down the way, unsettling scenes of Americana unfold as the game heads down its inevitable nightmarish path."

One deck contains everything needed to play - 54 cards containing the game, rules documents, and safety mechanics. Playable in one session; suitable for any level of familiarity with roleplaying games.

About Kira Magrann

Kira is a tabletop roleplaying game designer, queer nonbinary cyborg, and snake friend living in Columbus, Ohio. Kira isknown best for her most recent games A Cozy Den (about lesbisnakes in winter time) and Something Is Wrong Here (an uncanny emotional love letter to David Lynch's work).


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