FAQ & Shipping Information

How do Pre-Orders work?

Eclipse Phase Second Edition Condensed Player's Guide is available for pre-order!
Print pre-orders include a free PDF — they are manually added to the order so may take 24 hours to appear. 

We intend to order the EP2 Condensed Player's Guide print run in the first week of December. As you probably know, there is worldwide upheaval in all aspects of the supply and shipping chain, including paper supplies. We intend to print EP2 Condensed Player's Guide in the USA at one of two printers we regularly use, but we do not know exact shipping dates yet — beyond the state of the world, the holiday season is approaching in the USA, and that always throws some extra wrenches into shipping and production schedules.

We will update this page as production continues!

When do you ship orders? 

For any title in the Books category, including Eclipse Phase Second Edition, those books ship from one of our fulfillment partners, the legendary Atlas Games. They ship titles out almost every weekday.

Other merchandise, including pre-orders, ships from our home office, and we try to ship things out once or twice a week depending on order volume.


What is Posthuman Recommended shipping?

Posthuman Recommended shipping for books for non-USA orders uses a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service. By using DDP, we assume the liability for any import duties that you may normally have to pay!

Your books will be shipped from the Atlas warehouse to a shipping company in your region, and then will be handed to that company for the "Final Mile" to your door. You'll get tracking information for both legs of your new book's journey to you!

DDP is not as fast as a courier service, but is much less expensive, and still takes things across the globe in under ten days, typically.

We understand that shipping (particularly internationally) is expensive. Amazon and other major retailers get huge reductions on their shipping rates due to the volume of orders they place. We aren't able to match those rates, and we appreciate you supporting us directly.