Shinobi Clans
Shinobi Clans
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Shinobi Clans

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Shinobi Clans is a strategic card game for 3–5 players. As ninja clan leaders, players must master all facets of ninja warfare:

  • Secretly select missions on targets that promise the biggest rewards with the least opposition.
  • Muster the most suitable ninjas and weapons by card drafting.
  • Position them tactically through a unique card stack mechanism to disrupt your enemy's plans.
  • Use secret unit deployment and hope the other clans' spies don't uncover your strategy …

Until the final reveal, your clans' actions and motivations are shrouded in mystery. Can you throw the others off your trail while getting the job done? When the smoke clears, your schemes, ambition, and skill will be evident—but will they prevail?

Shinobi Clans Contents:

100 Cards (87 Battle, 5 Target, 5 Reward, & 3 Tip)

50 Contract Tokens

40 Gold Tokens

1 Starting Player Token

1 First Pick Token

1 Rulebook

Shinobi Clans game design by Jürgen Mayer and art by longtime friend of PS+, Nen  Chang

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