Token Fabrication!

Happy to say that Pool Point Token fabrication should begin this week in earnest, after a false-start due to faulty equipment and then some time waiting to rent time at another makerspace! Here's a peek at the second wave of prototype tokens gettin' fabbed!

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Welcome to the Posthuman Studios Online Store!

Hello friends!  Welcome to the new, shiny Posthuman Studios web store. We’ll be handling all of our merch sales (shirts, hoodies, pins and other tchotchkes) through this storefront, with bigger plans for early 2020! This store is a little bit of an experiment, and we’re really excited about some of the upcoming releases. Eclipse Phase t-shirts and our games will be available year-round, but the rest of the stock will cycle quarterly, giving us a chance to try out some limited edition merch (more pins!) and feature more artists and collaborators we’re jazzed about. This release’s featured creator is Kira Magrann,...

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