Xenovore Pre-Orders, Eclipse Phase Complete, and merchandise sale!

Xenovore Pre-Order

Today we're launching print pre-orders for Xenovore, a new gatecrashing adventure! It's a 40-page softcover book, and we aim to ship print copies to you in January. Like the Overrun pre-order we ran in the summer, we'll be using the pre-orders to gauge the size of the print run, so it will go to the printer in early December.

The PDF version of Xenovore will be released on Wednesday, December 2nd to pre-orderers and everyone who backed the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Kickstarter at the All Digital Stretch Goals level!

Eclipse Phase Complete USB

We are also making the final copies of Eclipse Phase Complete: USB Digital Archive available—when we sell out of these, they're gone! You can bundle Eclipse Phase Complete with EP2 in print and get the EP2 PDF immediately to start playing with every single Eclipse Phase title as of August 2020 for only $125.

Merchandise Sale

Take 20% off merchandise that goes on your body! T-shirts, hoodies, and pins!

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