Eclipse Phase Complete: USB Digital Archive
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Eclipse Phase Complete: USB Digital Archive

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The Eclipse Phase Complete: USB Digital Archive is just that: every Eclipse Phase rulebook, sourcebook, adventure, piece of fiction, music track, Hack Pack, print and play card accessories, and more!

Over $200 value of books and over $100 more in accessories and other items!

The full title list is:

Second Edition: Eclipse Phase Second Edition, EP2 Quick-Start Rules w/Acrimony, EP2 Character Pack, EP2 Rules Primer.

Second Edition Adventures: Overrun, Nano Op 1-3 (Grinder, Body Count, Better on the Inside). 

SolArchive Sourcebooks: Sunward: The Inner System, Rimward: The Outer System, Gatecrashing, Panopticon, Firewall, The Stars Our Destination, Zone Stalkers, Argonauts, NPC File 1: Prime, Router Case Files.

Transhumanity's Fate

First Edition Rulebooks: Eclipse Phase first edition, Transhuman, Morph Recognition Guide, X-Risks, Gamemaster's Screen.

First Edition Adventures: Bump in the Night, Continuity, The Devotees, Ego Hunter, Glory, Million Year Echo.

Fiction: After the Fall Anthology, Infamy.

Music: Infinite & Indivisible album. Individual tracks: Blight, Morph, Fractal, Hunter Killer, Seconds before the Fall, Qurain, The Blind Iman. (17)

Hack Packs: Eclipse Phase, Firewall, Gamemaster's Screen, Gatecrashing, Morph Recognition Guide, Panopticon, Pool Point Tokens, Rimward, Sunward, Transhuman, X-Risks ($72)

Additional Accessories: A Time of Eclipse, Eclipse Phase first edition core sample characters, Eclipse Phase first edition Morph Recognition Cards, Eclipse Phase first edition Modifier Cards

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